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Stand Up NY Labs began in January 2013 as an experiment.

We wanted to see what would happen if we created a place for the best comedians in the world to produce the original content THEY wanted to produce, free of charge and without interference, because we vehemently believe that will garner the best material.

The results of the experiment have been exciting, and Labs is continually growing and striving to produce more original, creator-driven content.

The Stand Up NY Labs team is small, but passionate. All of us firmly believe that we’re building something great; which is why we need your help.

With your contributions, Stand Up NY Labs will be able to pay the bills, keep their equipment up to date, hire a staff capable of producing the highest quality original content and, most importantly, keep giving the fans the entertainment they deserve from the comedians they love.

We’re not just starting a business. We want to build a community of engaged fans that are as passionate about comedy and entertainment as we are. With your help, we can make the Stand Up NY Labs experiment a success.


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